Manages debts among friends

  • Worries collecting money back
  • Worries forgetting to pay
  • Worries bringing up the uncomfortable money topic
  • Focus on friendships, and throw away the cash!

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Mutual Acceptance

Unlike ordinary debt management apps in which you simply jot down notes for your own references, all records in CashThrow require confirmations from both parties. It's guaranteed that everybody is on the same page.

Automatic Offsetting

Most of the time, actually paying your friends aren't necessary. Today he paid for your food, and tomorrow you buy him a movie ticket. Things always cancel out each other, and CashThrow helps you handle that elegantly.

Full History

Despite doing automatic offsetting, CashThrow also helps you keep track of all individual items so you can refer back to them efficiently.

Simple Interface

Simplicity is always the top decision factor inside CashThrow. We spent hours and hours streamlining our user experiences.

Offline Use

CashThrow can be used in offline mode without Internet access, and later get synchronized automatically when you get back online.

How it works

A typical CashThrow use case follows the following 5 steps:

  1. First, a debt appeared in real life

    e.g. You are going to watch a movie with a friend, and he bought tickets for both. Now, you owe him $10.

  2. Next, you open the CashThrow app and create a debt record

    Note that the record is now in "Pending" stage, awaiting confirmation from your friend.

  3. Now, a request will be sent to your friend automatically

    He will receive a notification, and when he opens the CashThrow app, a "Request" will appeared with the info you just filled.

  4. Finally, the debt record is being confirmed by your friend

    He will review and confirm the "Request". After that, the record changed from "Pending" stage to "Confirmed" stage.

  5. "Confirmed" record will then appeared in your history

    You will also be notified by the CashThrow app with the confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sorry that we are not able to give a FAQ section because our users found no problems at all using our services! =)

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Story behind the app

First off, CashThrow wasn't invented to encourage people to be stingy. It's not big deal treating your friends meal or paying their tickets. However, we found that stories in which unhappy feelings slowly developed when someone constantly giving without receiving are not uncommon.

We investigated and dig into the phenomenon and figured that this happen due to two main reasons: i) The borrower forgot to pay, and ii) The lender felt uncomfortable asking for money. The findings were positive because it shows that the world is not evil, but just confused, and we have a solution for that!

We especially encourage the people who got paid for start using CashThrow and show your sincerity to your friends. The bottomline is, everyone wants to be fair, and we believe you do too. So start acting now so you won't forget paying your debts and save the noble friendships!

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